One of the benefits of working with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts is the extensive network of connections we have at our disposal. We have access to a variety of materials available to us through our vast network of suppliers, allowing us to offer our customers some of the finest stones available on the market. With regular shipments to our facilities, we’re also able to offer industry-leading turnaround times and competitive prices.

Marble, Granite and Onyx Slabs

Marble has a reputation for being one of the most timeless and elegant stones, and a reliable way to add a touch of class to an otherwise drab environment. Marble add breath-taking beauty to a kitchen or bathroom while still being fully functional. Having been in the business for over 60 years, we are proud to be able to offer marble, granite and onyx slabs from all over the world – though primarily from Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, Brazil and South Africa.

Cut-to-Size Projects

In addition to supplying raw stone slabs, we also offer cut-to-size, finished projects for our clients. For those looking for the latter, we first start with a bespoke consultation in order to understand your exact needs and use case. From there, we move into the design and material selection phase. Once you’ve selected the perfect material and are comfortable with the way it looks (we offer a 3D visual with real slabs of material at an additional cost), we send it off for cutting. For a fee, we will also dry lay the order on our factory floor before delivering directly to your door.

Our cut-to-size projects range from smaller-end jobs such as selecting and laying basic kitchen worktops and islands, all the way up to entire room and home remodels that include new floors, walls, vanities and more. No job is too big or small for us!

Marble, Granite and Onyx Tiles

Marble’s timeless look is suitable for more than just counters, of course. With a crystalline structure known to be one of the stronger, more durable natural stones out there, marble is well-suited for use as a floor or wall covering in both interior and exterior environments. From bathroom tiles to backyard patios and kitchen backsplashes to showers, marble instantly adds a luxurious feel to any setting. Our marble tiles are available in a vast array of colours and sizes. We offer marble, granite and onyx stone tiles from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Egypt, Oman, India and Ukraine.

A leading interior design trend right now is the use of natural stone indoors. In an effort to get closer to nature and “bring the outdoors in,” many of our clients look to marble to accomplish that with a bit of flair and class. There is a reason that marble has been one of the most popular and luxurious stones in all of history: with gorgeous black and grey veining and with delicate lines swishing this way and that across the surface of the tile, marble adds an instantly recognizable and undeniable character to a space.

As a natural stone, marble has obvious appeal; yet it does require treatment and maintenance to keep it looking its best for years to come. Should that not be something suited to your needs, we invite you to browse our selection of marble effect tiles, which offer both the beauty of marble and the durability of human-made materials at the same time.