What is Arabescato marble price?

Arabescato marble is a famous white Italian marble, and is renowned for its quality and beauty. Its price can vary significantly, spanning from $50 to over $200 per square foot in USD, or from Euro 250 up to Euro 690 per square meter when considering the material alone. These figures exclude additional expenses to achieve a finished product like: cutting to size, cutouts, edge polishing, and other specific customization costs. Arabescato marble’s price fluctuations are influenced by various factors including quality, thickness, natural variations, and dimensions of the marble slabs.

How much does Arabescato marble slab cost?

Generally, Arabescato marble is considered a high quality italian marble and its price can range from $50 to $200 or more per square foot or italian price from Euro 250 up to Euro 690 per square meter for the material in slab format without considering any cutting to size, cut out, edge polishing costs. However, Arabescato marble price fluctuate based on the factors like quality, thickness, natural imperfections, dimensions.

Arabescato marble vs Carrara

Carrara marble usually shows a light gray color base with softer, more subtle veining. Its veins are typically finer and more linear compared to Arabescato marble. Arabescato, on the other hand, tends to have a white base with bolder, darker veins which look more elaborate and twisting. The availability for Arabescato marble is scarce on the other hand Carrara Marble is widely available. Also, Arabescato Price per square meter (or square foot) is much higher than Carrara marble.

What is Arabescato marble?

Arabescato marble is a type of marble characterized by a pure white color with grey or dark elegant busy veins running through its slab surface. Arabescato marble is quarried primarily in Italy, in the same area where Carrara marble, Statuario marble and Calacatta marble are quarried. It is highly prized for its beauty and unique veining patterns, making it a popular choice for kitchen countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and as design furnitures like marble dining tables.

Where is Statuario marble from?

Statuario Marble is exclusively extracted from the quarries based in the Carrara Area, Tuscany in Italy. Statuario together with Calacatta marble & Calacatta Gold marble represent the most exclusive, rare and beautiful Italian marble. It’s availability is extremely limited and that’s the reason why it comes with a high price tag, Statuario marble is well known for its luxurious beauty in color and veins which makes it an easy choice in the highest end applications around the world.

How much does Statuario marble cost?

Statuario marble slabs price can significantly change based on several factors like: quality, dimensions, thickness, veins intensity. When Statuario Marble slabs show less intensity in veins and more white in the surface it comes with a higher price tab. Thickness if ¾ or ⅜ (20mm or 30mm) have a difference of approx 44% in price. Dimensions of the Statuario Slabs if above 3m in length and 1.90m in height is a massive size for marble slabs which means high price. Its price range from $200 up to $300 or more x square foot, or Italian price from Euro 650 up to Euro 1900 x square meter (SLAB PRICE).