How much is Carrara Marble slab?

The cost of Carrara marble slab can vary depending on several factors, including the quality, grade, size, thickness, and any specific features or finishes. Carrara marble is available in different grades. If the slab shows a very white background color and a few natural imperfections like yellow marks , the higher the cost is going to be. roughly it can range from $20 to $60 or more per square foot or from Euro  190  to  450 x square meter. In the end it will all depend on you buget, if low you should go for Carrara CD grade if high go for a Carrara C grade.

Is all Carrara Marble the same?

Carrara marble has many different variations but they all share the same territory origin, it’s these natural variations and distinctions that give each piece its character and charm. between the most famous variations are: Carrara C and Carrara CD with the first showing a whiter color; When choosing Carrara marble for a project, it’s essential to select the specific variety and grade that aligns with your design preferences and requirements;