How to clean Calacatta Marble?

Cleaning Calacatta marble requires a gentle touch to preserve its timeless beauty. Here’s a simple and effective way to keep your Calacatta marble surfaces looking pristine:  remove any debris or dirt from the surface,  use a ph neutral quality stone cleaner,  wet a sponge or cloth with  the solution,  gently wipe the surface,  rinse with clean water , and dry the marble surface.

Does Calacatta Marble Stain?

Yes, Calacatta marble, like many other types of marble, is susceptible to staining. Being a natural stone, it has a porous nature, which means it can absorb liquids that may lead to stains. Common culprits include acidic substances like citrus juices, wine, and certain oils. However, Calacatta Marble susceptibility to staining can be mitigated with proper care and maintenance.  Sealing and prompt clean up are essential.

Does Calacatta Gold marble stain?

Calacatta marble, like most natural marbles, may be prone to staining if not properly cared for. However slabs are nowaday treated with highly protective resin which lowers the likelihood of staining. To protect your Calacatta marble and prevent staining, it’s essential to seal it regularly and clean up spills promptly;