Is Calacatta Gold Marble expensive?

The price of Calacatta Gold marble can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the block extracted and your location. Its rarity, distinctive veining, and luxurious appearance contribute to its higher cost. However, many find Calacatta Gold marble to be a worthwhile investment due to its timeless beauty and the elegance it adds to interior spaces;

How much does Calacatta Gold Marble slab cost?

Calacatta Gold marble slab price can vary significantly based on the thickness of the slabs and the quality factors like: how white the background color is, how nice the veins pattern is, if slabs show any natural imperfections like yellow marks or rusty veins across the surface . Calacatta Gold marble Slab Price can range from Euro 650 up to Euro 1900 x square meter (or from $ 80 up to $ 200 x square foot);