Travertine is a stone which comes from the Rome area of Italy, and is known for its famous perforations all over its surface and its timeless appearance. These perforations can be left unfilled, or filled with resin or concrete to create a uniform surface. It also takes well to honing and polishing. Travertine slabs and tiles can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Its most common applications include hallways, bathroom, vanity tops, kitchens, driveways and patios and decking areas.

Something to keep in mind when purchasing travertine is that not all examples of this material are created equal. Italian travertine is different from its counterparts from other areas of the world (Turkey, for example). They may appear similar, but the reality is that they are completely different materials, with different properties and applications.

We offer Italian travertine that is cut-to-size, as well as slabs and tiles for flooring and walls based on your project requirements and specifications. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom, kitchen, staircase or your entire home, we can provide customised travertine slabs or tiles to suit your needs.