Patagonia Quartzite Slabs & Countertops

Patagonia Quartzite slabs & countertops: all you need to know

What is Patagonia Quartzite?

Patagonia is a famous quartzite/granite imported from the heart of Brazil; Its look is so unique that it’s a testament to nature’s artistry. Each slab is a unique pattern of veins with a unique design across its surface. The colors range from earthy grays to warm beige and brown, offering a breathtaking mix of hues.

Patagonia quartzite extra quality 2cm thick (3/4”) slabs

But what truly sets Patagonia quartzite apart is its distinct “book-matched” method, in fact, most of its applications like kitchen countertop, floors, walls or dining tables require this type of pattern made by mirroring 2 or 4 slabs, or even more. What’s a bookmatch? when two slabs are cut and finished, they seamlessly mirror each other, creating a symmetrical masterpiece. It’s like nature’s perfect twin.

Patagonia extra quartzite kitchen countertops, island, spalshback

The Patagonia quartzite is at the moment the most sought-after in the market and the reason is that this natural stone is suitable and ideal for every type of applications and space that seeks both elegance and endurance. From kitchen worktops to bathroom vanities and dining tables, Patagonia’s hardiness makes it a reliable choice, while its polished finish adds a touch of sophistication.

How much does Patagonia Quartzite slab cost?

In the world of design, a Patagonia quartzite slab isn’t just a stone; it’s a masterpiece crafted by nature.

The price of Patagonia quartzite slabs differs extremely based on multiple factors—quality and presence of quartz, colors if more brown or more white, the slab’s dimensions, and the surface finishing. Its price ranges from around $80 to $120 per square foot or Italian buy price of Euro 450 up to Euro 1200 x square meter, and sometimes even beyond.

Patagonia Extra Quartzite slab Polished in 20mm thick (3/4 inches)

Keep in mind that like for all top natural stones, also Patagonia’s top quality availability is very limited, instead, the basic quality with more beige color and less quartz is highly available. The unique character of each Patagonia slab means that the price reflects the same, it changes based on the block quality and also how much your fabricator was able to negotiate the block final price with the quarry owner.

Can Patagonia Quartzite be used as a kitchen countertop or dining table?

Absolutely! Patagonia quartzite isn’t just a countertop material; it’s a solid and durable material which makes it ideal to use as kitchen countertops or dining tables. Patagonia quartzite slab has such a durable surface that withstands the hustle of daily cooking while maintaining a look of natural elegance.

Unloading a Patagonia Quartzite egg shape dining table in a building site in Chelsea, London

The Patagonia quartzite, with its robust nature, is a perfect fit for your kitchen countertops. It works extremely well against scratches and heat, letting you place hot pots and pans directly on its surface without much to worry about. Its natural beauty adds a touch of timeless natural elegance, turning your kitchen into a haven of both style and functionality.

So, whether you’re whipping up culinary delights or simply enjoying your morning coffee, Patagonia quartzite not only stands the test of time but also elevates your kitchen aesthetics. The costs of Patagonia countertops vary based on factors like slab waste after cutting to size, thickness, quality, number of cutouts, and linear meter of edge polishing.