Green Onyx Slabs & Backlit Applications

Green Onyx Uses: From Slab to Backlit walls & Countertops

Is Green Onyx Marble or quartzite?

Green onyx is a type of stone that is often confused with marble or quartzite. Onyx itself is a formation of quartz, specifically a cryptocrystalline formation of quartz, so it’s different from traditional quartzite or marble in terms of its look and conformation. Onyx commonly has transparent properties with colorful veining, whereas quartzite usually has a more sparkling structure and is not as translucent. Green onyx, in particular, shows hues of green with beautiful markings and is wanted for its rare beauty in various applications like kitchen countertops, tiles, and design pieces like dining tables, lamps etc.

Onyx Green extra Marble slabs 2cm polished (3/4inch)

Green onyx can be found in various parts of the world. Some of the most famous sources for green onyx mining include:

Pakistan: Pakistan is known for extracting top-quality green onyx. The country is the land of some quarries, specifically in regions like Baluchistan and the Punjab, where green onyx is mined in blocks.

Iran: Iran is another important source of green onyx. There are multiple sites in a few parts of the country, such as Kerman, where green onyx is extracted.

India: India also has some quarries of green onyx in regions like Rajasthan.

Afghanistan: A few areas in Afghanistan, especially in locations like Herat, have also become well known for the mining of various types of green onyx

Onyx green marble huge slabs above 3m, in 2cm thick polished finish

In these locations quarries have primarily been extracting green onyx in block shape, only a few blocks get processed into slabs, and most of them get shipped to Countries like India, Italy, and China to be processed in various applications such as countertops, walls & floors tiles, and dining tables.

What is Green Onyx used for?

Green onyx marble, loved for its aesthetics and unique features, finds multiple types of applications in both interior and decorative settings:

Decorative Objects: Green onyx marble is on most occasions used as a decorative object in private and commercial spaces. It can be manufactured into tabletops, wall or floor panels, and ornamental objects like vases and lamps.

Backlit Installations: Its transparent surface characteristic makes it specifically appealing for backlit uses. When lit from the back, green onyx marble can show a beautiful eye-catching effect, particularly in bookmatched wall panels, countertops, or bar front panels.

Flooring and Wall Coverings: In interior decor, green onyx marble is used as flooring or wall coverings in many areas such as bathrooms, hallways, or feature walls to add style and luxury to the surrounding environment.

Countertops: It’s applied for countertops in the kitchen or in the bathrooms as a vanity to add a touch of sophistication. 

Countertops + backsplash in Onyx green polished finish

Lamps and Lighting: Thanks to its translucent characteristics, green onyx marble can be manufactured into lamps or used in lighting backlit furniture.

Green onyx marble’s functionality can be integrated into various design contexts, from traditional to contemporary and modern, creating a luxurious and distinctive touch to interior environments.

How much does a Green Onyx slab cost?

The cost of green onyx marble slabs can widely change based on multiple aspects:

Quality: Higher quality green onyx marble slabs with fewer imperfections, uniform green coloration with no common brown marks, and greater transparency influence the final price making it more expensive.

Size and Thickness: Bigger and thicker slabs will normally cost more due to the amount of material used and potentially more waste created when cutting.

Source and Rarity: Quarries are often located in areas where the extraction is difficult, also its rarity compared to other stones can influence its price.

Green onyx marble Slabs 2cm thick polished (3/4inch)

The price range for green onyx marble slabs can start at around $100 to $400 per square foot for the slabs only and basic quality. However, if the slabs are big and show no imperfection, a clean green base color with no brown marks the price can exceed $200 to $400 per square foot or more, or Italian ex-factory price of Euro 450 up to Euro 1650 per square meter

If interested in knowing the finished cut-to-size product price you should contact your local fabricator which will provide you with a cost inclusive of cutting-to-size, eventual cutouts, and edge polishing costs.