Emerald Green Quartzite Slabs & Countertops

Emerald Green Quartzite: From Slabs to Kitchen Countertops

Is Emerald Green Quartzite or Granite?

Emerald Green (or Botanic Green) is usually recognized as a quartzite rather than granite. Quartzite is a natural stone formed from limestone that has endured extreme heat and compression, resulting in a solid, compact, and stunningly veined natural stone.

Although granite and quartzite share some affinities in terms of the hardness of their surface, quartzite has usually a more varied look with sophisticated patterns and veining, more like marble, whilst granite normally has a flecked or grainy surface look.

Emerald Green quartzite is a kind of natural stone famous for its astonishing green coloration, often with multiple tones of green, ranging from light to dark.

Stunning Emerald green quartzite slabs 2cm (3/4inch) polished

Emerald Green quartzite is quarried from mines in various parts of the globe. The specific area of extraction can vary, but Brazil is the main source of quartzite in the world, with dozens of varieties extracted around the country. The main area is Minas Gerais where various types of quartzite are mined, including the most exclusive Emerald Green.

However, The quarry location of extraction can affect the quality, especially in terms of color variations, and availability of Emerald Green quartzite. Each quartzite quarry has unique features based on geological formations that the area has undergone for thousands of years.

Emerald Green quartzite is mostly used for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and wall cladding in both private and commercial spaces. Its hard surface and its beautiful aesthetics make it a first choice among interior designers or private house owners looking for an elegant and luxurious feature in their designs.

Is Emerald Green Quartzite good for Countertops?

Emerald Green quartzite is often an amazing option for countertops for many reasons:

  • Durability: Emerald Green Quartzite is known for its compactness and hardness, higher than granite. It’s ideal to use as kitchen countertops due to being resistant to scratches and etching.
  • Visual Appearance: The vivid green coloration and marble-like veining patterns of Emerald Green quartzite create an elegant and modern look, becoming the main feature of the kitchen.
  • Versatility: Its rare beauty can be adapted to any type of environment from more classic to modern and contemporary.
  • Low Maintenance: its surface itself is already pre-factory sealed with special resins but with minimum maintenance and periodical sealing it becomes impenetrable.
Emerald green kitchen countertop polished

Emerald Green quartzite slabs are mostly cut to size into different types of interior design projects due to their unique characteristics. The most common uses include:

What is the cost of an Emerald Green Quartzite slab?

The cost of an Emerald Green quartzite slab can vary extensively depending on several factors, just to name a few quality, size, thickness, supplier, and location. With regards to one single slab, the price of Emerald Green quartzite may vary from approximately $2,500 to $6,000 or more.

Emerald green slab 2cm thick polished (3/4inch)

The price range for Emerald Green quartzite slabs in square feet or meters could be anywhere from approximately $100 to $200 per square foot or an Italian ex-factory price of Euro 350 up to Euro 950 per square meter.

This price is basically an estimate and it can widely change based on the factors mentioned above, the higher prices go together with bigger quartzite slabs and higher quality slabs which show a very nice green coloration and no brown or black marks presence on the surface.

Emerald green quartzite slabs 2cm polished (3/4inch)

For a more precise price, it’s recommended to contact stone suppliers or stone fabricators who can eventually provide you with a finished cut-to-size product price rather than material only.