Cristallo Quartzite Slabs & Backlit Applications

Cristallo Quartzite: From Slabs to Backlit Applications

Is Cristallo Quartzite or Granite?

Cristallo is generally classified as a type of quartzite rather than granite. Quartzite is a natural stone created from limestone subjected to high temperature and compression, resulting in a very compact and solid material with a grainy texture. Cristallo quartzite is characterized by translucent qualities, a crystalline surface all across the slab, and a variety of colors including white, gray, beige, and sometimes some natural marks or stripes of dark and green.

Cristallo quartzite is a beautiful natural stone known for its compactness and durability due to the way it formed explained above. What sets Cristallo apart is its transparent surface quality and crystalline appearance which make it ideal for backlit walls & floors or luxury countertop applications.

Cristallo Quartzite Extra Slabs 2cm polished (3/4inch)

Cristallo is frequently used by interior designers all over the world in the most luxurious commercial and private project applications. It’s highly required for kitchen countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and other design objects like dining or coffee tables becoming the visual centerpiece of any environment where it is installed.

Close up of Cristallo Slab backlit

What is Cristallo Quartzite used for?

Cristallo quartzite is a very hard and compact material, making it a unique choice for multiple interior applications. Some frequent uses of Cristallo quartzite in interior design include:

  • Countertops: It’s a great option for kitchen countertops and bathroom tops or walls due to its durability, resistance to scratching, and luxury surface look.
Cristallo Extra Kitchen countertop Normal and Backlit, produced by cutting 2cm thick (3/4inch) slabs
  • Flooring: it can be used in both residential and commercial areas, Cristallo quartzite can create unique flooring designs that are ideal for high-traffic spaces thanks to its hardness and natural features.
  • Wall Cladding: As wall panels, especially when used for backlit applications it adds luxury and elegance to any interior environment, becoming the main feature of the overall aesthetic of the space.
Cristallo Quartzite Gold same slab on the left normal and on the right backlit with sunlight
  • Backsplashes: When installed in kitchens or bathrooms, Cristallo quartzite is a great choice as its durability and beautiful appearance make it a stunning material for backsplashes.
  • Design objects: when the slab is cut to size into dining or coffee tabletops, fireplace surrounds, or bespoke pieces, it adds an elegant taste as a design element within the interiors.

Cristallo quartzite’s unique beauty, compactness, and resistance to heat and scratching make it a top option for interior applications, adding both versatility and luxury to any space.

How much does Cristallo Quartzite cost?

The cost of a Cristallo Quartzite slab can widely change based on multiple factors including quality of the slab, sourcing location, slab dimension, thickness, and supplier cost structure. As a unique and rare natural stone, Cristallo Quartzite tends to have higher prices than most other natural stones.

On average, Cristallo Quartzite slab’s price can vary from approximately $150 to $250 per square foot or Euro 750 up to Euro 1700 per square meter for the material only. However, prices can change a lot depending on aspects such as the quality of the stone and the presence of natural imperfections in its surface like black and brown marks, the dimensions of the slab if above 3 meters in length and 1.8 meters in height, the rarity of its patterns and crystals, and the supplier’s policy price. Bigger slabs or those with exceptional crystals and lesser imperfections often end up at the higher end of this price range.

Cristallo Quartzite Extra Quality slab 2cm thick polished (3/4inch)

In conclusion, It’s important to note that the prices mentioned above are rough estimates and can significantly vary based on market demand, the geographical location of the supplier, stock availability, and specific characteristics of the slab batch you are after.

To get accurate cost, especially considering you would need a finished cut-to-size product rather than the slabs, we recommend you get in contact with a local fabricator providing details like sizes of your floor or countertops, edge polishing to be carried out, cutout information like the number of tap/socket/hob/sink.