How to buy Calacatta marble slabs or tiles

Want to buy Calacatta marble for your project? Read here to find out how to start your search

Calacatta marble bathroom
Calacatta marble bathroom made by cutting to size 20mm thick first quality slabs

When it comes to finding the perfect Calacatta marble slabs or tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or floor/wall project, the process can be a little more involved than if you were purchasing Carrara for example, this is because Calacatta slabs are famously more detail oriented, and so the decision can come down to personal choice or which bold aesthetic you prefer. We always recommend you find out for yourself a bit of info about each of the types of Calacatta, that way you will better understand what type of quality you will be going with, as well as which quarry and its subsequent marble variety you are more oriented to, E.g. Calacatta Viola, Borghini, Vagli, Gold, Paonazzo, Macchia vecchia or Bettogli

Calacatta Borghini marble slabs
Slabs of Calacatta Borghini 20mm (3/4”) thick

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*If you are a private client, contractor, architect, or designer, we can deliver to you wherever you are. All you need to do is find a stone fabricator or manufacturer in your area where we can deliver our product.

See below for our advice on buying Calacatta slabs or tiles and getting the biggest bang for your buck:

Tips: Selecting Calacatta marble slabs

– These days, it’s becoming more and more difficult to view and choose slabs in person. This is for a couple reasons, the first reason being that people based anywhere in the world simply cannot get to Italy where the best slabs with the highest availability are accessible and fairly price, or to the warehouse where the slabs are located. The other (and more pressing) reason is because when you view slabs at a warehouse, most of the time you can only indicatively see one of the slabs which represents the block it was cut from as it is positioned at the front or above the others (some blocks can have 80 slabs). So as every slab can have slightly different colour and vein variations to the next you will find it very difficult to fully gauge what is actually on offer and you may not be able to properly see all the slabs that are available. However, thanks to modern technology this is no longer a problem as most buyers who want to buy Calacatta marble slabs can request high definition and exact photos of each slab from the supplier in order to make a final decision, once your decision is made you can request for your chosen slab/s to be reserved. Video and close up photos of the slab batch are also often provided by suppliers upon request.

Calacatta Marble countertop
Big Countertop in Calacatta marble extra quality

– When it comes to reserving your slabs for your kitchen, bathroom or floor/wall project, we recommend you ask your supplier if the slabs have any specific issues you may need to be aware of such as resined natural cracks, tears or small holes (tarolo). These issues will all be very minor and even add a little character to your slabs as no slab will be available to purchase that has any major issues that may threaten its structural integrity. You may also want to see some samples, and while this can be beneficial for other marble varieties, with Calacatta it is not recommended as the sample will be coming from a different batch so will not accurately represent any slabs you may look at due to the different veining pattern and design. 

Calacatta Extra marble slab
Calacatta marble extra quality polished finish, 20mm (3/4”) thick

– If your project requires the veins to match, ask your supplier to advise if the slabs numbers are consecutive and if the block has been cut with a bookmatch method or with the traditional method. Your supplier should be able to show you some high definition photos of slabs that have been cut with the bookmatch method and so are suited to your needs.

Calacatta marble bookmatch
Calacatta marble 4 ways bookmatch slabs

– For the best quality slabs and availability, ask your supplier to show you slabs with a thickness of 20mm ( 3 / 4 ‘’), this is the most common slab thickness and all the best slabs are cut to this size as it is more versatile than the 30mm (1 1 / 4 ‘’) option. 

Calacatta Gold marble slab
stunning Calacatta gold marble slab 20mm thick (3/4”)

– Our last piece of advice is to use what we call the “maximum exploitation method”, meaning you should try to select a slab which is close in size to what you require based on the dimensions of your project, this way you make use of as much of the slab as possible and minimize your waste. When it comes to marble, the waste game is very important and makes a huge difference in the final price.

*If you are a private client, contractor, architect, or designer, we can deliver to you wherever you are. All you need to do is find a stone fabricator or manufacturer in your area where we can deliver our product.

Tips: Choosing Calacatta marble tiles

Calacatta gold marble tiles
Calacatta Gold marble tiles 600 x 300 x 10mm or 24” x 12” x 3/8” – honed finish

Similar to the slabs, the purchasing process for Calacatta tiles is a little more involved than most other varieties. This is due to the fact that it’s a more exclusive niche product with less availability than Carrara quality, for example, and with many different variations of background colour and veining patterns. It is always recommended to do a little research on the different types of Calacatta marble so you can make an educated decision on which quality you will be going with, as well as which quarry and its subsequent marble variety you are more drawn to, E.g. Calacatta Viola, Borghini, Vagli, Gold, Paonazzo, Macchia vecchia or Bettogli

Calacatta extra marble tiles
Calacatta Extra marble tiles 600 x 300 x 10mm (24” x 12” x 3/8”) honed finish

When buying fixed size Calacatta tiles, the price can be pretty affordable as the tile production starts with unshaped blocks which allows the manufacturer to keep the price reasonably low due to the lower amount of processing time and therefore resources. 

Calacatta Extra marble tiles
Calacatta Extra marble tiles 600 x 300 x 10mm (24” x 12” x 3/8”) polished finish

Predominantly found in either a honed or polished finish, Calacatta tiles can generally be found in a variety of sizes and if your project required it, you can request whatever dimensions you need (as long as they can be cut from regular sized slabs), but the most common dimensions are 600mm x 600mm (24’’ x 24’’), 600mm x 300mm (24’’ x 12’’) and 300mm x 300mm (12’’ x 12’’). The most popular thickness for Calacatta tiles is 10mm ( 3 / 8’’), but you can also find them in 20mm ( 3 / 4’’) as well at way higher cost.

Calacatta Borghini Marble Slabs & Countertops

Calacatta Borghini Marble: Slabs, Countertops & wall applications

Is Calacatta Borghini real Marble?

Yes, Calacatta Borghini is a highly renowned type of marble. It’s considered one of the finest and most popular varieties within the Calacatta marble (or Calacatta Gold Marble) family. It stands out for its luxurious look, Calacatta Borghini marble is extracted from quarries in the Carrara region of Italy, an area known for its white marble mining. Calacatta Borghini marble is characterized by a clean white background and thick, wide gray veining, often accompanied by reddish lines and gold highlights.

Calacatta borghini Marble Slab 2cm (3/4inch) thick polished

Its elegant and striking aesthetics, coupled with its scarcity and limited availability, contribute to its position of prestige in the world of interior design and luxury architecture. Due to its unique aesthetic and natural white base, Calacatta Borghini is commonly used for kitchen countertops, wall cladding, flooring, and many interior design applications in residential and commercial environments.

Calacatta Borghini Marble slab close up

What is Calacatta Borghini Marble used for?

Calacatta Borghini marble, famous for its rare surface appearance and uniqueness, is highly wanted by high-end interior designers around the world. Its distinctive surface featuring gold and gray veinings on a milky white base, makes it an ideal stone for various applications:

Calacatta Borghini Marble Dry laid of kitchen countertops before cut outs
Calacatta Borghini Bar countertops bookmatch dry lay

Due to its rarity and limited production, Calacatta Borghini marble (can also be named as Calacatta Gold Marble) is a great option for those seeking to create spaces with an exclusive and luxurious ambiance.

How much does Calacatta Borghini Marble cost?

There are two different types of costs that you would need to consider: the material cost and the cut-to-size finished product cost. The cost of a Calacatta Borghini marble slab is affected by many factors, including quality, size, thickness, and supplier location. Given its market scarcity and top quality, it’s considered one of the most expensive marbles in the world.

Calacatta Borghini Extra Marble Slab 2cm (3/4inch) polished

On average, a Calacatta Borghini marble slab can cost anywhere from $80 to $250 per square foot or an Italian ex-factory price of Euro 850 up to 1900 per square meter. However, prices can change significantly if the veining patterns are particularly beautiful, the purity of the white base, slab dimensions, and market demand. Bigger or thicker slabs, as well as those with exceptional veining and fewer natural imperfections, are usually sold for higher prices.

Close up of Calacatta Borghini Marble Slabs 2cm (3/4inch) polished finish

For the finished product ex. kitchen countertops, you should contact your local fabricator and provide information about what you have to achieve in terms of sizes, cutouts, edge finishing and other requirements you may have.