Blue Sodalite Slabs & Countertops

All you need to know about Blue Sodalite slabs & countertops

What is Blue Sodalite natural stone?

Blue Sodalite is neither granite, marble or quartzite; it’s a type of rock known as a mineraloid. Sodalite, including the Bolivian or Brazilian Blue Sodalite varieties, are a stunning blue mineral with occasional white or dark veining crossing the slab. It’s highly prized for its rich color and aesthetic, often used in jewelry and ornamental objects due to its appeal, but when mined in blocks and slabs it can be processed into amazing kitchen countertops, bathrooms, walls & floors and dining tables

Brazilian Blue Sodalite slabs 2cm thick (3/4inch) polished

Blue Sodalite is a type of natural stone commonly used in design as kitchen countertops due to its durability and practicality

Bolivian Blue Sodalite slabs 2cm thick (3/4inch) polished

it’s opportune to make a clear distinction between Blue Sodalite from Bolivia and Blue Sodalite from Brazil which are two different qualities, both are highly priced with the Brazilian one  slightly more expensive. The  Bolivian one also shows a lighter blue color base compared to the dark blue base of the Brazilian sibling.  Both are extremely  durable and compact which make them an ideal choice for interior design applications;

What is the cost of Blue Sodalite for Kitchen countertops?

The price label on Blue Sodalite kitchen countertops comes from various factors, and we’ll explain them in a few key ones:

  • Scarce Availability: Blue Sodalite is rare compared to more common natural stone countertop. It’s sourced from just a few quarries in Brazil and Bolivia, which makes it scarce in the market.
  • Quality and Stunning Appearance: Top quality Blue Sodalite dazzles with vibrant Blue base color and intricate white and black veining, creating a visually catching display of mixed colors. The more stunning the coloration and patterns, the higher the price due to its exceptional unique color surface.
  • Complex Production: Extracting, processing, and moving Blue sodalite slabs & blocks involves specialized trucks and machinery, driving up the production costs. Crafting these stones into thick slabs and polishing or honing their surfaces adds to the expense.
  • Exceptional Durability: Blue Sodalite boasts exceptional compactness and solidity, its heat and scratch resistance is amazing which makes it a stunning choice for interior design applications but also exterior walls or tables.
  • Market Dynamics: There are times of high demand and contrary low demand as well, moreover the best big size slabs (above 3 meters) availability is extremely limited and this contributes to a higher price x square foot or square meter
Blue Sodalite kitchen cut to size countertops 2cm (3/4inch) with 50mm downstands

We cannot give a realistic price for Blue Sodalite kitchen countertops as too many factors influence the final price, but we can give you some rough price range with regards to the material cost alone, in slab format.

What is Blue Sodalite slab cost?

Blue Sodalite slabs often come at a higher price compared to other natural stones, typically ranging from $100 to $250 per square foot, or in the realm of Euro 750 to Euro 1900 per square meter in Italy for the slab material only. However, these prices can vary due to multiple affecting factors:

1 Quality Matters: The amount of vibrant Blue coloring, the distribution of veining if busy or more linear, and whether any open veins have been resined may significantly impact the overall quality and, consequently, the price.

2 Location and Processing: Where the slabs are cut and shipped can affect the cost. For instance, purchasing where the blocks have been cut, for example in Italy or Brazil, might differ from buying in countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand, France, UK, or Canada due to shipping and import duty expenses.

3. Size and Thickness: Larger slabs, especially those exceeding 3 meters in length and 1.8 meters in height, often have higher prices and the reason is that none wants to see seams or their kitchen countertop made by multiple small pieces. Also keep in mind that opting for a 2cm or ¾ inch thickness is recommended, as the best blocks are often cut into this thickness.

Cut to size kitchen countertop in blue Sodalite

If you’re curious about the total cost of a finished cut to size product, it’s wise to connect with a local fabricator or warehouse. They can provide insights into additional expenses like cutting the slabs to size, managing material waste based on sizes, creating cutouts for sinks, hobs, sockets, taps, polishing edges, and the installation process. They’ll help give a clearer picture of the final countertop cost.