Blue Onyx Marble Slabs & Wall Applications

All you need to know about Blue Onyx Marble Applications

Is Blue Onyx Marble or Quartzite?

Blue onyx is a type of marble rather than quartzite. It’s a type of compacted calcite that belongs to the onyx category of natural stones. This marble is characterized by its prominent blue coloration with veins of varying shades of blue, creating a unique and shining appearance. On the other hand, quartzite is a metamorphic rock firstly made of quartz grains, which differs from the mineral composition of marble.

Blue Onyx marble extra slabs polished 2cm (3/4inch) thick

Blue onyx marble typically originates from countries which are rich of natural marble deposits. Some of the regions known for extracting blue onyx marble include Iran, Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Marble, including blue onyx, forms when limestone go through deep pressure and heat, resulting in the characteristic veining and patterns that define each type of marble. The unique blue hues and veining in blue onyx marble are highly sought after for various decorative and architectural purposes like kitchen countertops, bathroom, walls & floors and dining table.

What is Blue Onyx Marble used for?

Blue onyx marble is prized for its eye-catching appearance and is often used for interior design purposes or in architectural applications that get value from its unique features. The most common uses include:

  • Interior Design: Blue onyx marble is employed in interior design for wall coverings, flooring, and design elements like dining tables or fireplace surrounds, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to any environments.
  • Feature Walls: In commercial spaces or high-end residential areas, blue onyx marble is used to create stunning feature walls in lobbies, reception areas, or spa interiors, showcasing its beauty and uniqueness. If cut with the bookmatch method it usually features stunning mirroring patterns between the 2 or more installed pieces
  • Kitchen Countertops and Vanities: Though less common due to its softer nature compared to some other stones like granite & quartzite, blue onyx marble is sometimes used for bathroom vanities or kitchen countertops, provided it’s sealed and maintained properly to prevent staining or etching.
Bathroom vanity tops and wall covering in blue onyx extra marble
  • Backlit Applications: Blue onyx marble’s translucent properties make it an excellent choice for backlit applications, creating a mesmerizing effect when illuminated from behind, enhancing its visual appeal.

Blue onyx marble requires care and maintenance to preserve its beauty. Regular sealing and proper care are necessary to protect it from staining or etching.

What is Blue Onyx Marble slab cost?

Blue onyx marble slabs are generally considered quite expensive compared to many other types of marble or natural stone. Its slab price can vary based on several factors such as quality, Blue color intensity, veining, size, and market availability.

Blue Onyx marble slab polished 2cm thick (3/4inch)

The rarity and unique appearance of blue onyx marble contribute significantly to its higher cost. It’s considered a luxury stone due to its beautiful blue tones and intricate veining, which make it stand out in any space.

Blue onyx marble is generally considered a luxury material, and its price can range anywhere from $200 to $500 per square foot or Italian factory price of Euro 650 up to Euro 1900 x square meter.