Amazonite Quartzite Slabs & Countertops

All you need to know about Amazonite Quartzite slabs & countertops

Is Amazonite quartzite or granite?

Amazonite natural stone extracted in Brazil is typically classified as both quartzite and granite. Brazilian Amazonite quartzite_granite is known for its striking green coloration with white or gray veining, resembling the hues of the Amazonite mineral. This stone is often used in kitchen countertops and other interior applications due to its unique appearance and durability. While it shares some visual similarities with Amazonite, the stone itself is quartzite, which generally has different mineral compositions and characteristics compared to the amazonite stone used as jewelry , necklaces, rings etc.

Amazonite Quartzite slabs 2cm thick (3/4 inch) polished

The size of Amazonite quartzite_granite slabs can vary depending on the quarry level the blocks were extracted. Typically, quartzite slabs, including Amazonite quartzite, can come in standard dimensions of approximately 120 x 65 inches (around 305 x 165 centimeters) which is considered a big size for this natural stone. However, some manufacturers may offer larger slabs depending on their machinery and quarrying capabilities. It’s also possible to find variations in thickness, with standard thicknesses ranging from 2 centimeters to 3 centimeters (¾’’ to ⅜’’) for most of the slabs. Custom orders might allow for larger or thicker slabs based on specific project requirements and the capabilities of the supplier.

Why are amazonite quartzite kitchen countertops so expensive?

Several factors contribute to the higher cost of Amazonite quartzite kitchen countertops and we are going to list some of them as follows:

  • 1.Limited Availability: Amazonite quartzite_granite is rare and have limited availability compared to more common materials. A very few quarries extract this natural stone which definitely contributes to its scarcity.
  • 2.Quality and Aesthetics: High-quality Amazonite quartzite_granite often shows a unique vibrant green hue and intricate veining, making it visually pleasing thanks to its mixed colors . The more desirable the coloration and veining, the higher the price due to its unique beauty.
Amazonite Quartzite Slabs 2cm polished close up
  • 3.Production and Processing: Extracting, processing, and moving quartzite blocks and slabs involves special tools and techniques, adding to the overall production cost. Additionally, shaping and finishing the stone into thick slabs and polishing the surface it’s very costly .
  • 4.Durability and Characteristics: Quartzite is renowned to be extremely durable and resistant to heat, scratches, and etching. Its hardness and strength contribute to its premium status compared to some other countertop materials.
  • 5.Market Demand: High demand and limited availability supply can drive up prices, especially considering most of the market demand is about big size slabs (above 3m in length). 
Amazonite egg shape dining table 2cm (3/4 inch) thick polished

Overall Amazonite quartzite_granite rarity, unique aesthetics, durability, and market demand put this natural stone as a higher-end option for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, walls & floors or dining tables leading to its relatively higher cost compared to more readily available materials.

What is amazonite quartzite slab cost?

Amazonite quartzite typically falls within a higher price range for natural stone countertops, often ranging from $200 to $350 per square foot or more, Italian factory price ranges from Euro 750 up to Euro 1900 per square meter for the material in slab format only. However, prices can differ based on several factors like:

  1. Quality: how much green does the slab show and does the veining look nice and well distributed? Does the slab have open veins which have been resined as standard but still don’t look good in the slab? these are factors which affect the quality in general;
Beautiful Amazonite Quartzite extra slab 2cm (3/4 inch) thick polished
  • Location: if the block was cut into slabs let’s say in Italy and then slabs shipped to the US, Australia, New Zealand, France, Uk, Canada then the cost it’s different if you buy in Italy or in the other mentioned countries
  • Size and thickness: if the slab size is more than 3m in length and more than 1.8m in height there would definitely be a higher cost to pay as just a small

If you are interested in knowing more about the finished countertops cost it would be advisable to contact a local fabricator warehouse which can also include costs like cutting to size the slabs, material waste based on sizes, sink/hob/sockets/grooves/tap cutouts, edge meters to be polished, installation.