n*1 Calacatta Viola Marble Dining Table 2cm (3/4”)


*The image of this table is representative of the quality, the other Table may slightly differ in veining and structure due to the natural characteristics of the material.



Calacatta Viola Marble Dining Table 2cm (3/4”)

The Round Dining Calacatta Viola Table 120cm is a true eye-catcher featuring a round tabletop with a beveled edge & hexagonal base. Breathtakingly beautiful and will add a touch of elegance to your dining setting.
Bold and beautiful, the Calacatta Viola Dining Table combines modern design with a material whose timeless elegance is inspired by nature. Crafted from Calacatta Viola marble with a honed or polished finish, the surface of each table is treated with end use in mind, allowing us to provide the optimal compromise between a natural finish and functionality.With a passion for natural stone, we carefully select beautiful slabs to suit the design. Each piece of Calacatta Viola marble is crafted by our highly skilled artisans to ensure that every detail lines up perfectly.


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Product Name

Calacatta Viola


White, white with purple-dark veining


2 CM


mainly indoor


Italy, Carrara