*The images of these slabs are representative of the block quality, the other slabs of the block may slightly differ in veining and structure due to the natural characteristics of the material.

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Calacatta Extra marble is one of the five most prestigious marbles in the world. Its unique combination of seamless pattern, creamy white color and high translucency make it a sought-after material for luxury residential and commercial applications. The exceptional quality of this marble makes it an excellent value for your projects. Calacatta Extra marble slab is used to create beautiful flooring, walls, vanity tops, kitchen worktops, and dining tables. The pure white color and it has a natural gray veins pattern that makes it a popular choice for upscale high end properties around the world. Calacatta Extra marble is available in slabs of 20 or 30mm thickness (3/4” inches), polished or honed.


We have a well-established logistic network that enables us to deliver our products Worldwide. Our delivery options include sea freight (20″ container) or air freight, and we can ship to various locations such as the US, Australia, UAE, SA, Europe, and the UK. 

Please note: if you are a Private Client, Architect or Designer, we can only deliver our Slabs to a Fabrication shop or Warehouse (minimum order of n* 5 slabs). The Stone Fabricator or manufacturer needs to have the necessary equipment to unload materials at their facility. However, if you provide us with the project technical drawings (inclusive of stone sizes), we can also cut our slabs to your specific requirements.

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Product Name

Calacatta Extra, Calacatta Gold


White, white with grey veining


2 CM


mainly indoor: bathrooms, kitchens, countertops. vanity tops, hallways, living rooms, floor & walls


Italy, Carrara area