For over 60 years we have operated our own marble quarry, based out of Altopiano di Asiago (Italy). There, we handle the extraction of marble blocks, sending them off to trusted and skilled third-party partners located in Verona for cutting and finishing. We also finish select projects in-house, upon request from our clients.

Our quarry produces four distinct variations of marble:


Bianco Perlino (White Marble)

Marble Bianco Perlino (also known as Biancone or Bianco Asiago) is a high-quality Italian marble, which is available in two different shades: ice white or with a slightly warmer base. In contrast with other white marbles, the Bianco Perlino is much more homogeneous in its shades.


Beige Alpi (Beige Marble)

Marble Beige Alpi is an Italian marble with a wide variety of colour shades, ranging from light beige to dark beige, or from grey-blue beige to green-blue beige. It is a very strong and compact material, and is therefore well-suited to both indoor and outdoor applications.


Rosa Perlino (Pink Marble)

A popular choice in Italy, Marble Rosa Perlino (also called Rosa Asiago) is another Italian marble with more shades that vary according to the customer’s choice, from bright- to dark-pink. The depth of pink colour in the marble is determined by whether the stone is extracted from the higher or lower part of our quarry.


Rosso Verona & Asiago (Red Marble)

Rosso Asiago and Rosso Verona marble are an intriguing family of Italian marble, with shades going from light red to dark red and brown. Like Beige Alpi, it is non-porous, meaning it is well-suited to outdoor uses. Our red marbles are used in many anti-slip applications, including street furniture, pavement flooring, outdoor furniture and floors, external staircases and more. It is also often used in beautiful chessboard floor applications, together with Bianco Perlino.

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