Rosso Alicante

Rosso Alicante Marble (or Rojo Alicante)

What is Rosso Alicante Marble?

Rosso Alicante Marble is a striking and luxurious natural stone, quarried in the Alicante region of Spain. Known for its rich, warm red hue, this marble features vibrant white and light grey veining, creating a dramatic and elegant contrast. The intense red color of this stone makes it a popular choice for creating bold, eye-catching interior designs.

What are Rosso alicante marble applications?

This exquisite marble is highly sought after for a variety of applications, including flooring, wall cladding, bathroom vanity tops, and kitchen countertops. Its vibrant coloration adds warmth and sophistication to any space, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects. The polished finish enhances its natural beauty, giving the stone a lustrous and refined appearance.

Rosso Alicante Marble is not only visually appealing but also durable, suitable for areas with moderate to high foot traffic. Regular maintenance, including cleaning with mild soap and water and periodic sealing, helps preserve its beauty and protect it from staining and etching. The stone is typically available in standard slab thicknesses of 20mm (3/4’’), offering versatility for various design needs.

Rosso Alicante marble slab

Rosso Alicante marble slab
Rosso Alicante marble slab

With its unique combination of rich color and elegant veining, This stunning red Marble is a favorite among designers and architects looking to make a bold statement. It brings a sense of luxury and drama to interiors, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to create stunning, high-impact spaces. For the best selection, it is recommended to check current stock availability.

Are you Looking for Rosso Alicante marble slab or tiles?

Largely available, Rosso Alicante marble (or Rojo Alicante) is in stock, in 20mm (3/4”) or 30mm (1 1/4”) thick slabs. A Polished or honed finish is ideal to make the surface of this marble standing out. Ask for actual stock availability photos now!.


Specification Description
Material Name Rosso Alicante Marble
Origin Alicante, Spain
Color Rich, warm red base with vibrant white and light grey veining
Veining Pattern Dramatic, elegant contrast with bold veining patterns
Applications Flooring, wall cladding, bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops, and other interior uses
Thickness Standard 20mm (3/4’’); other thicknesses available upon request
Finishes Available Polished, honed
Surface Treatment Requires regular sealing to protect against staining and etching
Durability Durable, suitable for areas with moderate to high foot traffic
Maintenance Clean with mild soap and water; avoid acidic or abrasive cleaners; periodic sealing recommended
Tile Sizes Commonly available in 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 24″x24″; custom sizes available upon request
Slab Sizes Standard slab sizes vary; typically around 305 x 180cm – 120″x60″ (can vary by supplier)
Usage Primarily for interior use; suitable for residential and commercial applications
Water Absorption Low to moderate, depending on finish
Compressive Strength High, suitable for heavy use
Flexural Strength Good, suitable for large spans and installations
Environmental Suitability Indoor use recommended; outdoor use possible with proper treatment and maintenance
Unique Features Intense red hue with striking veining; each slab is unique due to its natural veining pattern
Price Range Moderate to high, depending on quality and slab size
Availability Generally available; check specific stock for current availability

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