What is Lilac marble?

Lilac marble, an epitome of modern elegance and sophistication, hails from the picturesque landscapes of Turkey, where it captivates with its trendy chic appeal. This exquisite natural stone boasts a pristine white background adorned with mesmerizing violet-blue veining, creating a striking contrast that adds depth and character to any space.

What are Lilac marble uses?

Celebrated for its versatility and contemporary allure, this stunning stone has become a staple choice among interior designers seeking to infuse interiors with a touch of refined luxury. Whether gracing kitchen countertops with its pristine beauty, enhancing bathroom vanity tops with its serene charm, or adorning walls and floors with its captivating presence, Lilac marble elevates the ambiance of any room with its timeless elegance.

Lilac marble shines brightest in polished finishes, where its inherent luster and veining are brought to life, creating a sense of opulence and grandeur. Additionally, the bookmatch patterned walls showcase the marble’s unique veining in a symmetrical and visually stunning manner, making it a focal point of any interior space.

Available in 20mm (¾’’) thick slabs, this marble offers versatility and durability, ensuring lasting beauty and performance. Whether polished or honed, each surface finish accentuates the marble’s natural beauty, providing endless design possibilities for residential and commercial projects alike.

For those seeking to incorporate the unparalleled elegance of Lilac marble into their living spaces, inquire about the availability of actual stock to experience its beauty firsthand. Let Lilac marble be the cornerstone of your interior design vision, transforming spaces into havens of timeless beauty and sophistication.

Lilac marble slab

Lilac white marble slabs polished or honed
Lilac white marble slabs, 20mm thick, polished or honed. Ideal to use as kitchen countertop worktop island or bathroom vanity top wall and floors

Lilac Marble Close up



Specification Description
Material Name Lilac Marble
Origin Quarried primarily in Turkey
Color Pristine white background with violet-blue veining
Veining Patterns Mesmerizing veining adds depth and character to the stone
Texture Smooth texture with occasional natural fissures and variations
Applications Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, walls, floors
Finish Options Polished, honed
Thickness 20mm (¾’’) thick slabs
Density Approximately 2.7 g/cm³
Water Absorption Typically less than 0.5%, low water absorption rate
Compressive Strength Approx. 70-140 MPa
Flexural Strength Approx. 7-15 MPa
Porosity Low to moderate, requires sealing to maintain appearance and prevent staining
Maintenance Regular sealing recommended; clean with pH-neutral cleaners; avoid acidic substances
Durability Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications; good resistance to wear and tear
Environmental Suitability Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications; resistant to weathering and etching
Unique Features Trendy chic appearance with violet-blue veining, versatile applications, contemporary elegance
Price Range Moderate to high, depending on slab quality and thickness
Alternative Names None
Typical Tile Sizes 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 24″x24″; custom sizes available
Quarry Locations Quarries primarily located in Turkey

*If you are a private client, contractor, architect, or designer, we can deliver to you wherever you are. All you need to do is find a stone fabricator or manufacturer in your area where we can deliver our product.