Calacatta Michelangelo marble

What is Calacatta Michelangelo marble?

Calacatta Michelangelo Marble is a highly esteemed and luxurious natural stone, renowned for its exquisite beauty and timeless elegance. This marble is characterized by its brilliant white background, which serves as a pristine canvas for the prominent and dramatic veining that appears in shades of gray and gold. The striking contrast between the pure white base and the bold veins creates a visually stunning effect, making this white Marble a coveted choice for those seeking to add a touch of sophistication to their interiors.

Quarried primarily from the Carrara region in Tuscany, Italy, Calacatta Michelangelo Marble is sourced from one of the most prestigious and historic marble-producing areas in the world. The Carrara region has been celebrated for centuries for its high-quality marble, used in some of the most famous sculptures and architectural works throughout history. This heritage adds an extra layer of prestige and allure to this stunning Marble.

What is Calacatta Michelangelo marble used for?

Calacatta Michelangelo Marble is incredibly versatile and stunning in a variety of interior applications. It is particularly well-suited for kitchen countertops, where its bold veining can serve as a statement piece, and bathroom vanity tops, where it adds a sense of refinement and luxury. Additionally, this marble is an excellent choice for wall cladding and flooring, creating cohesive and sophisticated environments. One of the most dramatic uses of this white natural stone is in bookmatched installations, where two mirrored slabs are aligned to create a symmetrical and visually captivating pattern.

Calacatta Michelangelo Marble Close up

Calacatta Michelangelo close up

Calacatta MIchelangelo marble slab

Calacatta Michelangelo marble slab
Clean polished or honed Calacatta MIchelangelo marble slab, 20mm thick. ideal to use as kitchen countertop worktops or bathroom wall and floors

What is Calacatta Michelangelo slabs and tiles availability?

Available in substantial 20mm (3/4”) thick slabs or tiles, Calacatta Michelangelo can be finished in either a polished or honed surface. A polished finish enhances the marble’s natural luster and highlights the intricate veining, while a honed finish offers a softer, matte look that still showcases the stone’s elegance.

What is Calacatta Michelangelo price?

Considered among the top range of quality Marble, Calacatta Michelangelo is prized for its rarity and exquisite beauty. Its price falls into the High-end range; It varies based on quality (the less natural imperfections), size (the bigger), and thickness of slabs/tiles. Generally, its price fluctuates in a range of Approx $ 60 to $ 150 per square foot or Euro 550 to Euro 1450 per square meter.

 The marble’s high-end status is reflected in its price, which can vary based on factors such as the quality, size, and thickness of the slabs. Despite the investment, the marble’s unparalleled elegance and durability make it a worthwhile choice for those looking to enhance their spaces with a touch of luxury.


Property Description
Name Calacatta Michelangelo Marble
Origin Carrara, Tuscany, Italy
Base Color Bright white to creamy white
Veining Subtle veins in shades of gray, with possible subtle gold or beige undertones
Texture Smooth
Finish Options – Polished (high-gloss finish) – Honed (matte finish)
Available Forms – Slabs – Tiles
Available Thicknesses – 20 mm – 30 mm    (3/4”) – (1 1/4”)
Standard Slab Size Varies; typically around 2800 mm x 1600 mm or larger
Applications – Kitchen countertops – Bathroom vanity tops – Wall cladding – Floor installations – Bookmatched feature walls
Durability Durable but softer than granite; can be prone to scratching, chipping, and etching
Maintenance Regular sealing recommended; clean with pH-neutral stone cleaners to avoid damage
Absorption by Weight Approximately 0.2% to 0.5%
Density Approximately 2.7 g/cm³
Compressive Strength Approximately 160 MPa (varies by specific quarry and batch)
Flexural Strength Approximately 10-15 MPa (varies by specific quarry and batch)
Abrasion Resistance Medium; suitable for residential and light commercial traffic
Chemical Resistance Good resistance to acids and alkalis with appropriate sealing
Thermal Resistance Good thermal resistance; however, thermal shock should be avoided
Environmental Impact Natural stone; extraction and processing have environmental impacts
Sustainability Can be recycled; long-lasting material
Installation Considerations – Requires skilled installation  – Must be sealed properly to prevent staining – Substrate must be prepared to support weight
Cost High-end; varies based on quality, size, and thickness of slabs/tiles.Approx $ 60 to $ 150 per square foot or Euro 550 to Euro 1450 per square meter
Common Pairings – Often paired with complementary materials like brass fixtures, white cabinetry, and natural wood finishes  – Works well with other high-end stones such as granite and quartz
Supplier Notes Request actual stock photos for exact veining and color matching. Availability may vary; check with suppliers for current stock and lead times.

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