Blackwood Marble

What is Blackwood Marble?

Blackwood Marble is a luxurious natural stone renowned for its sophisticated appearance and unique veining patterns. Originating from quarries primarily in China/India, this marble features a rich black background with striking white and gray veins that traverse its surface, resembling the intricate grain of wood. Its dramatic contrast and elegant aesthetic make it a favored choice for interior design projects seeking to make a bold statement.

What are blackwood marble uses?

Blackwood marble is prized for its versatility and can be used for various applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity top or walls & floors. , and decorative accents. With a moderate hardness level on the Mohs scale, it offers durability suitable for high-traffic areas. Regular maintenance, including sealing to protect against staining, is recommended to preserve its beauty. While it falls within the higher price range due to its premium quality, the timeless elegance and visual impact it brings to spaces make it a worthwhile investment.

Is Blackwood Marble available in Slabs or tiles?

Blackwood marble is mainly available in stock in slabs or tiles with a thickness of 20mm (3/4”) thick. A polished or honed surface finish are the most common and recommended.

Blackwood Marble slab

blackwood marble slabs
blackwood marble slabs 20mm thick, polished finish, ideal to use as kitchen countertop worktop and bathroom wall & flooring

Blackwood Marble Close up



Characteristic Description
Color Rich black background with white and gray veins
Pattern Intricate veining resembling the grain of wood
Origin Quarried primarily in China / India
Composition Mainly composed of calcite and other minerals
Hardness (Mohs) Moderate
Density Typically ranges from 2.6 to 2.9 g/cm³
Water Absorption Low to moderate
Porosity Moderate
Applications Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, wall cladding, decorative accents
Durability Suitable for high-traffic areas, requires sealing to protect against staining
Maintenance Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, periodic sealing recommended
Environmental Impact Considered environmentally sustainable when sourced responsibly
Price Range Falls within the higher price range due to its premium quality
Pros Luxurious appearance, unique veining patterns, suitable for various applications
Cons Requires maintenance and sealing, higher initial cost

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