Bianco Statuario marble

What is Bianco Statuario marble?

Bianco Statuario Marble is an exceptionally luxurious and imposing natural stone, characterized by its pristine white color and bold, thick veins that run randomly across its surface. These veins, ranging in shades from gray to gold, create a striking visual contrast against the luminous white background, giving the marble a dramatic and sophisticated appearance.

This exquisite marble has a storied history, having been used in ancient times by renowned Italian sculptors for their masterpieces. Its origins trace back to the famous Carrara quarries in Italy, a region synonymous with high-quality marble. Bianco Statuario is highly esteemed not only for its beauty but also for its strong association with the rich heritage of Italian marble craftsmanship.

Among all the marbles quarried in the Carrara area, this stunning white marble is positioned at the pinnacle of quality. Its majestic look and pure white base color make it one of the most sought-after Italian stones in the market. The marble’s fine crystalline structure contributes to its luxurious appearance, enhancing its natural translucency and making it a favorite among designers and architects.

What is Bianco Statuario marble used for?

Bianco Statuario Marble is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Its excellent resistance to heat makes it an ideal material for kitchen countertops, where it not only adds an element of elegance but also withstands daily use. In bathrooms, it serves beautifully as vanity tops, walls, and floors, creating a serene and opulent ambiance. The marble can also be used to create stunning bookmatched patterns, where the veins are mirrored to create a continuous, flowing design that adds an extra level of sophistication to any space.

Bianco Statuario Marble slab

Bianco Statuario Marble slab

Bianco Statuario Marble slab

Statuario Extra
Amazing big polished slabs of statuario extra marble 20mm thick (3/4'')

Are you looking to buy Bianco Statuario slabs or tiles?

Bianco Statuario Marble is predominantly available in 20mm (3/4”) thick slabs or tiles, offering a substantial and durable surface for various interior applications. The marble is available in polished or honed finishes, each bringing out different aspects of its natural beauty. A polished finish enhances the marble’s luster and highlights the contrast of its veining, while a honed finish offers a more matte and sophisticated look.

What is Bianco Statuario price?

Considered among the top range of quality Marble, Bianco Statuario is prized for its rarity and exquisite beauty. Its price falls into the High-end range; It varies based on quality (the less natural imperfections), size (the bigger), and thickness of slabs/tiles. Generally, its price fluctuates in a range of Approx $ 100 to $ 200 per square foot or Euro 950 to Euro 1950 per square meter.

Bianco Statuario marble slab 20mm thick (3/4'' inches)


Characteristic Description
Name Bianco Statuario Marble
Origin Quarried primarily in Carrara, Italy
Appearance Luminous white background with distinctive veins ranging from gray to gold
Composition Mainly composed of calcite with varying degrees of impurities
Density Ranges from 2.6 to 2.9 g/cm³
Hardness Moderate hardness on the Mohs scale
Applications Suitable for countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and decorative accents
Performance Offers excellent resistance to heat, suitable for kitchen applications
Durability May require sealing to guard against staining
Maintenance Regular cleaning with mild soap and water recommended, periodic sealing to preserve appearance
Environmental Impact Considered sustainable when sourced from responsibly managed quarries
Price Range Falls within the mid to high price range due to premium quality and reputation. Approx $ 100 to $ 200 per square foot or Euro 1000 to Euro 2000 per square meter
Pros Timeless beauty, versatility, durability, adds value to architectural and design projects
Cons Higher initial cost, requires professional installation and maintenance
Popularity Sought-after choice for high-end residential and commercial projects worldwide
Design Flexibility Adaptable to various design styles, from traditional to contemporary

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