Arabescato Faniello is one of the types of white arabescato marble quarried in Italy. Arabescato Faniello typically features a white or light gray background. The stone is characterized by bold, swirling veins in various shades of gray and black. These veins create a sense of movement and depth, often resembling the classic look of traditional Italian marbles. Occasionally, the veining may include subtle hints of gold or green, adding to its visual appeal.. Arabescato Faniello represents the Italian modern style around the world with its fancy look. Ideal for Kitchen countertops, bathrooms, floors and walls to create stunning interior design features throughout your private property or commercial space. Slabs are available in a polished or honed surface finish and 20mm thick (3/4”).

Arabescato Faniello marble slabs 20mm thick polished or honed, ideal for kitchen countertops or island, bathroom vanity or walls & floors
Arabescato Faniello marble slabs 20mm thick polished or honed, ideal for kitchen countertops or island, bathroom vanity or walls & floors


Property Details
Color White or light gray background with dramatic veining in shades of gray and black; occasional hints of gold or green.
Pattern Bold, swirling veins creating a sense of movement and depth; intricate patterns resembling traditional Italian marble.
Primary Sources Quarried primarily in the Apuan Alps region of Tuscany, Italy, particularly in the Carrara region.
Historical Significance The Carrara region has been supplying marble for centuries, contributing to many historic buildings and artworks.
Mineral Composition Primarily composed of calcite (calcium carbonate), with small amounts of other minerals such as dolomite.
Physical Properties
Density 2.7 to 2.9 g/cm³.
Hardness (Mohs Scale) Around 3, indicating relatively soft marble.
Water Absorption Moderate to high, making it more porous and susceptible to staining if not sealed.
Porosity Moderate porosity, requiring regular sealing.
Indoor Use Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, decorative elements.
Outdoor Use Suitable for outdoor use in areas not exposed to harsh weather conditions.
Performance and Durability
Durability Less resistant to scratches, etching, and staining due to its softness and porosity.
Heat Resistance Moderate resistance; can be damaged by high heat, recommending trivets or heat pads.
Scratch and Stain Resistance Requires proper sealing and maintenance to prevent damage.
Cleaning Regular cleaning with mild soap and water; avoid abrasive cleaners and acidic substances.
Sealing Periodic sealing needed to enhance stain and moisture resistance.
Repairs Minor scratches and etching can be polished out by professionals; significant damage may need slab replacement.
Environmental Impact
Sustainability Considered sustainable when quarried responsibly; quarrying and transportation have environmental impacts.
Recyclability Marble is recyclable and can be repurposed or used in construction materials.
Price Range
Cost High price range due to premium quality, unique appearance, and Italian marble prestige.
Pros and Cons
Pros Luxurious appearance, unique veining patterns, suitable for high-end applications, adds value and elegance.
Cons Higher initial cost, requires professional installation and periodic maintenance, prone to scratching and etching.

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