Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock. It is denser than limestone, as a result of having been exposed to heat and pressure. Prized for its timeless elegance and natural beauty, marble is available in a wide variety of colours – from white and beige marble to black and green – and textures. Most variations of marble take polish very well. We specialise in marble sourced from Italy; however, we also offer an extensive assortment of marble options sourced from all over the world.

You’ll notice we’ve included sample images of the various types of marble we offer on this page; while we hope you find these sample images useful in making an initial selection, we highly recommend allowing us to send you photos of the actual slabs we have in stock to give you as accurate an idea of what your end product could look like as possible. As with all natural stone, the veining and colour characteristics can vary quite widely across different cuts of marble, and viewing photos of actual inventory will help you make the most informed possible decision.