We often get requests for samples of our stone to aid our clients in their decision-making. While we completely understand the train of thought, and are more than happy to provide a sample of the stone you are considering purchasing, we also recommend against it unless we can offer a sample from the exact batch of stone we have in stock (thereby ensuring they match).

The reason for this is that natural stone’s background colour and vein pattern can vary widely based on the actual slabs that are available. This means that the slab you order may not look the same as the tiny sample you fell in love with.

With natural marble (such as Calacatta), we would recommend allowing us to send you a photo of actual stock, versus a physical marble sample; this will give you a better visual of the stone you’re looking to purchase.

NOTE: We receive an extremely high volume of sample requests. Please kindly send your sample request along with complete project details like: location, timing, number of slabs needed (if you are a fabricator), also drawings (if you are a private client, designer, architect).