We always aim to provide the highest-quality service to our fabricator clients. Based on your needs, we can quickly turn around an extensive range of marble, granite, slate, limestone stock, which we generally supply in slab form. If required, we can also work on cut-to-size projects based on specific drawings inclusive of measurements and details as provided by you.

We offer all of the following services to meet your needs:

  • Stock information. Updated every 24 hours, simply send us an email and we’ll get back to you with the latest details based on your needs.
  • Price protection. Should the price of the stone you want increase, you are protected for a period of 60 days by paying a small deposit. Simply contact us to know more about this.
  • High-quality slabs. Your clients demand the best, and so should you. We only select the finest materials from our quarries and partner suppliers, and over the years we’ve gained a reputation for always providing top-quality products. If a slab has any issue, such as a resin-filled and net-reinforced vein, it is our top priority to advise you of this.
  • All risk insurance during shipping. We’re fully insured so that, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong while your stone is in-transit, we’re fully covered against losses. All you’ll need to do is inspect the material while it’s on the truck and document any issues you see.
  • Cut-to-size supply. While the majority of the stone we supply is in slab format, we have the flexibility to perform cut-to-size projects, should your project have a need for it.
  • Free delivery on all orders over €15,000 (depending on location).
  • Quality customer care and guidance. If you have questions at any time either before, during or after purchase, we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can work with you to meet your needs!

If you are interested in purchasing slabs please contact our sales team with your company details.