Marble is one of the most elegant flooring options you can select for your home. It is a material that has been used to decorate the places of kings and queens, and remains today a staple of luxury and opulence. Even still, marble isn’t as expensive as many people initially might believe. Some of the more readily-available marble options on the market can be purchased for prices below that of other natural stone options.

This has led to a growing trend of using marble flooring and wall tiles more prominently in their homes. A marble floor in the foyer is a perfect way to add that “wow” factor when people first enter your home. Further, marble stands the test of time; most variations of marble flooring slabs are durable enough to withstand even heavy foot traffic, making the material both a beautiful and long-lasting choice for your flooring and wall covering needs.

bianco-perlino-marble-chess-pattern- floor

Because marble also comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns, the design options are extensive. You can choose from white, beige, green, blue and even yellow marble, making the material flexible enough to work seamlessly with many design themes and colour palettes.

Below are some examples of flooring and wall covering projects we’ve completed for our many satisfied clients over the years. You’ll notice the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere the marble creates in the buildings in which it is used. You can also see evidence of the variety of looks our clients have opted to go for. When you choose marble for your flooring and wall covering needs, the possibilities are virtually endless! We offer honed, polished, brushed and tumbled surface finishes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.