A marble dining or coffee table can make for a beautiful accent piece to draw the eye open entering a room. Marble comes in a wide variety of designs and colours, making it a versatile stone that can easily complement a vast array of interior design themes. When well-cared for, marble is a durable and long-lasting material for your tabletop that will never go out of style. After all, marble has been fashionable for centuries! Like any natural material however, marble will gently change and evolve over the course of time; a characteristic that many individuals cherish.

We offer an extensive range of shapes and sizes for your coffee table, including oval, egg and rectangular. If you send us a drawing that specifies what you are looking for, we can select the appropriate slab to meet your needs. Once you’ve approved it, we can use a waterjet machine to cut the slab to the exact shape in your drawing. When the material is finished, we deliver it right to your door.


Another fantastic choice for your tabletop is granite. Granite gives a different look and feel than marble, and is exceptionally durable. It is resistant to temperature fluctuations, chipping, scratching and etching, making it an excellent choice to adorn your coffee table. Whichever material you choose, however, both represent beautiful, long-lasting options for your dining or coffee table that will transform it into a statement piece in the room in which it lives.

Below are some examples of dining and coffee tables we’ve completed for our satisfied clients over the years. You’ll notice the elegant and sophisticated look and feel the natural stone creates. A marble dining or coffee table is certainly one of the most effective ways to make a statement in your home, and is sure to be a focal point among your guests!