Carrara Marble: All you need to know

What is Carrara Marble origin?

Carrara marble is renowned globally as one of the most popular and recognizable variations of white marble available today. Although exclusively extracted from the quarries in Carrara, Italy, its use in urban planning and architecture is evident across every continent. This marble’s appeal lies in its distinctive white and grey color profile, which provides a uniform and consistent aesthetic, adding a unique touch of elegance and sophistication to any renovation or design project.

The consistent veining and coloration of Carrara marble make it a preferred choice for those seeking a refined and timeless look. It is celebrated for its ability to take a high polish, which enhances its natural beauty and gives it a glamorous, upscale appearance. Polished Carrara marble is particularly popular in living spaces, where it brings an element of luxury and high-end appeal.

What are Carrara Marble most common uses?

Beyond its elegant looks, Carrara marble is incredibly versatile, seamlessly blending with various design styles. Whether you prefer an upscale, modern aesthetic or a rustic farmhouse charm, this stunning marble fits beautifully. It also complements Mediterranean and beach-style homes, providing a versatile backdrop that enhances the overall design. Its adaptability makes it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Common uses include flooring, staircases, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and shower fittings, where its durability and beauty can be appreciated daily.

Carrara Marble Slab


Carrara Marble C grade Slab

carrara bianco C marble

Looking to buy Carrara Marble Slabs, Tiles or cut to size?

Our Carrara marble tiles and slabs exemplify the highest standards of quality, versatility, and precision in natural stone craftsmanship. We offer slabs in thicknesses ranging from 20 to 30 millimeters (3/4 inch 1 1/4 inch), ensuring that they meet the specific needs of various projects. Each piece of marble is carefully selected and processed to maintain its natural beauty and structural integrity.

What’s Carrara Marble Price?

Considered among the top range of quality marble from the Carrara area, Carrara marble is prized for its rarity and exquisite beauty. Its price falls into the middle marble range; It varies based on quality (the whiter, the less natural imperfections), size (the bigger), and thickness of slabs/tiles its price fluctuates in a range of Approx $ 30 to $ 60 per square foot or Euro 200 to Euro 500 per square meter.

How to maintain Carrara Marble natural beauty

However, maintaining Carrara marble requires regular care to preserve its pristine condition. Unlike granite and other non-porous stones, this fantastic marble is porous and thus more susceptible to staining and etching. It is crucial to avoid using acidic substances on its surface, as they can cause damage. Spills and dirt should be cleaned promptly, ideally within a week, to prevent them from penetrating the stone. Additionally, periodic sealing is essential. This process fills the pores in the marble, preventing the absorption of dirt, moisture, and spills, thus maintaining its hygiene and beauty.

While the maintenance of Carrara marble may require some effort, the results are undeniably worth it. The unparalleled beauty of this marble, with its timeless elegance and luxurious appeal, cannot be overstated. It elevates any space, making it a favored choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life and are willing to invest in maintaining its exquisite appearance.

Additional Information

Suitable rooms: Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway, Living Room, Kitchen, Conservatory

Finish: Polished or Honed / Matt

Suitable for: Indoor, Outdoor (cladding only)

Suitable surface: Wall, Floors, Countertop


  • Slabs: 20 mm Thick | size average 2400/3000 X 1300/1900 mm
  • Tiles: 10 or 20 mm Thick | size 305 X 305, 610 X 305, 610 X 610, 1220 X 610 mm
  • Cut to size: 20 mm Thick | size Bespoke

Amazing Carrara Bianco C grade marble Block

Specification Description
Material Name Carrara Marble
Origin Quarried primarily in Carrara, Tuscany, Italy
Color White to blue-grey background with grey veining patterns
Veining Patterns Varied, ranging from fine to bold veining patterns
Strength Moderate to high strength and durability, suitable for various applications
Applications Countertops, flooring, wall cladding, sculptures, architectural elements, etc.
Finishes Polished, honed, brushed, leathered
Thickness Commonly available in thicknesses ranging from 2 cm to 3 cm
Density Varies, but typically around 2.7 g/cm³
Water Absorption Low to moderate water absorption rate, typically less than 0.5%
Maintenance Requires periodic sealing to prevent staining and maintain appearance
Price Range Moderate pricing, varies based on quality, thickness, and market demand
Unique Features Classic white and grey coloration, versatile veining patterns, association with timeless elegance
Alternatives Statuario Marble, Calacatta Marble, Bianco Venatino Marble, Arabescato Marble

Carrara Bianco C

Carrara Bianco CD