Azul Bahia Granite Slabs & Countertops

Azul Bahia Granite: Slab Characteristics & Kitchen Countertops

Is Azul Bahia Granite or Quartzite?

Azul Bahia is marked as a type of granite rather than quartzite. It’s a natural stone exclusively quarried in Brazil and more specifically in the Bahia region, popular for its stunning blue hues, intricate veins, and its hard surface. While quartzite and granite are both natural materials, they differ in their mineral compositions and distinctive properties. Azul Bahia is categorized  as granite due to its configuration and origin formation, these characteristics make it ideal for multiple interior and exterior design applications such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms vanities, walls & floors and bookmatch applications.

Azul Bahia Granite block ready to be cut in Gangsaw Machine

 While there might be important variations in composition and features among different batches of slabs or quarries, Azul Bahia is generally classified and used as a granite within the whole stone industry. Its appearance and great compactness make it a great choice for creating incredible point of attention in any residential and commercial environments, adding a taste of luxury and sophistication to various design projects like kitchens and bathrooms.

Stunning Azul Bahia granite slabs 2cm (3/4inch) thick polished

What is Azul Bahia Granite used for?

Azul Bahia granite, loved for its beautiful blue tones and unique veins pattern, is used in numerous interior and exterior design applications due to its hard surface and beautiful visual appearance. Some typical uses include:

  • Countertops: It’s a great option for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, adding a sophisticated and luxurious touch to these spaces. Azul Bahia granite is not just a visually stunning and durable option for countertops, it’s also versatile and gives additional value to every property where it’s installed.
Azul Bahia Granite slab 2cm thick (3/4inch) polished
Egg shape Azul Bahia Dining table in 2cm (3/4inch) thick polished
  • Exterior Applications: Due to its durability and hardness It can also be used for outdoor applications like facades or wall claddings creating unique landscapes.

In conclusion, Azul Bahia granite’s adaptability and solidity make it suitable for numerous design elements, both indoors and outdoors, creating stunning high end spaces around the world.

How much does Azul Bahia Granite cost?

The cost of Azul Bahia Granite can fluctuate a lot depending on several aspects, including quality of the slab or beauty of colors, slab dimension (usually above 3m in length is more expensive), thickness (the thicker the higher price), and supplier location. Azul Bahia is famous for being a highly luxurious and unique type of granite, which often matches in its price range.

On average, Azul Bahia Granite’s price can vary from approximately $200 to $300 per square foot for a slab or Euro 650 up to Euro 1600 per square meter. However, prices can range based on factors such as the quality of the stone, size of the slab, rarity of its veins and color, and what price the supplier wants to sell the slab for. Big size slabs or those with beautiful veining and fewer natural imperfections such as brown or dark marks, often end up to be the higher end of this price range.

Azul Bahia Granite light colored slab 2cm (3/4inch) polished

If you are looking for the finished product price such as kitchen countertop or dining table top, we recommend you to get in contact with your local fabricator and provide all the necessary information like size of tops, cut outs needed, edge profile