Extracted from quarries in Tuscany, Arabescato marble is a natural stone of great distinction and value characterised by very elegant and recognisable veining patterns. The veining can be either rounded or straight, depending on the sub-variety of Arabescato marble; for example, Arabescato corchia has a more rounded veins pattern, whereas Arabescato vagli has more straight and strong veining. The veining pattern depends on the quarry and location from which the marble was extracted.

Arabescato marble is a stone that is used for both interior design as for exterior applications, because it is both stronger and less porous than other types of marble. Arabescato marble is therefore well-suited to uses such as staircases, floorings, façades and facings, fireplaces and countertops. The finishes that most effectively complement the beauty of Arabescato marble are polishing, honing and brushing, which gives the stone a very nice antique effect that is ideal for classical designs and installations.

Arabescato Corchia-Marble-Slab

Despite being one of the more durable marbles available, Arabescato marble still requires maintenance to keep it looking its best. Avoid using acidic substances, and clean dirt off your marble within no more than a week. Arabescato marble also requires periodic sealing, which helps prevent the absorption of dirt, moisture and spills. Sealing your marble is a must to keep it hygienic and beautiful.

Whether you’re looking for Arabescato marble for a residential or commercial application, for flooring, countertops or some other purpose, we’re able to work with our extensive network of partners and suppliers to find the best product based on your desired look and quality.

Additional Information

Suitable rooms: Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway, Living Room, Kitchen, Conservatory

Finish: Polished or Honed / Matt

Suitable for: Indoor, Outdoor (cladding only)

Suitable surface: Wall, Floors, Countertop


  • Slabs: 20 mm Thick | size average 2400/3000 X 1300/1900 mm
  • Tiles: 10 mm Thick | size 305 X 305, 610 X 305, 610 X 610, 1220 X 610 mm
  • Cut to size: 20 mm Thick | size Bespoke